Living and loving a desert life.



The greater Palm Spring area’s desert climate tells a story rich in opportunity and rewards. More than 350 days a year of glorious sunshine is found here. Less than five inches of rain fall each year.

During summer, sun-seekers delight in 100-degree daytime temperatures. With no humidity (and no bugs!), outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a nearly limitless range of open-air activities. In the winter months, comfortable mid-day temperatures in the 70s ease into clear, crisp nights in the mid-40s.

Sheltered by the Santa Rosa Mountains to the south, the San Jacinto Mountains to the west and the Little San Bernadino Mountains to the north, this desert oasis affords a biodiverse ecosystem and natural beauty that supports healthy living. Less airborne grass, pollen and mold spores in this consistently warm, dry climate can reduce the occurrence of asthma symptoms and lung infections. Sun-soaked desert living provides immune-boosting vitamin D. Hiking and other activities available year round offer opportunities for cardiovascular-protecting aerobic exercise. Many people also find the serenity of the desert, with its wide-open spaces, reduces chronic stress.

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