A satisfying, rewarding career. It’s going on here.

At Eisenhower Health Clinics, we believe you can have it all — a challenging and successful career, a collegial, supportive workplace and a fulfilling life in a sun-soaked, resort-like atmosphere. We invite to you to explore our many career opportunities and discover why it’s unique out here.

Throughout the Eisenhower Health Clinics, we place exceptional value on the role of diet and nutrition in our patients’ health and well-being.

Eisenhower Health is recognized for its outstanding dietary and nutrition services, and the nutrition consultants and dietary service staff at our clinics are passionate about the importance of healthy diets. On the cutting edge of dietary expertise, they know optimal nutrition nourishes more than the body. It lays the groundwork for good overall physical and mental health, and it’s a cornerstone of illness prevention. From providing general wellness information to accommodating disease-specific needs, our team members bring their appetite for education and better health outcomes to each interaction with our patients.

A healthy environment is important to health, too. Our highly skilled environmental services team ensures our facilities offer comfort and safety in a stress-free atmosphere that promotes healing.

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Integrity. Respect. Honesty. Professionalism. The strongly held values at Eisenhower Health Clinics start at the top of our organization.

Our leaders and managers are deeply committed to creating supportive, collaborative and considerate workplaces that draw out the best of what our employees have to offer. They nurture our employees’ growth; recognize and reward their success; and help them sustain long, successful careers. They’re the champions of our unique workplace culture that combines ingenuity with empathy, and they’re devoted to moving the needle on our performance excellence.

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Here at Eisenhower Health Clinics, you won’t just land a job; you’ll find a place for your passion.

We believe each interaction, big and small, is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the patients we serve. Our patient care support staff plays a crucial role in our ability to provide the best possible experience for the people in our care. Our patients depend on your skills and compassion not only to help them successfully manage their health concerns, but to achieve a better quality of life. Your know-how and authentic dedication to helping people can have a direct effect satisfaction and improved health outcomes.

Making a difference is real here.

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Something amazing happens when RNs practice to the full extent of their expertise: Lives are valued. Lives are changed. Lives are saved.

At Eisenhower Health Clinics, we trust our acclaimed registered nurses to exercise a high degree of initiative, judgment and discretion in their practice. Awarded the prestigious Magnet Hospital designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Eisenhower Medical Center and its clinics maintain a longstanding commitment to nursing excellence. Our nurses’ distinguished clinical skills, education, dedication to patient safety and limitless compassion set the standard for our reputation as our region’s highest quality care provider.

We empower our RNs to be bold leaders, to be transformational in their outlook, to have a strong voice in decision making and to excel as our ultimate patient advocates. We support their commitment to evidence-based practice and professional development at every stage of their career with a variety of continuing education activities and other learning opportunities, in addition to generous tuition assistance for those enrolled in degree programs.

Whether you’re new to nursing or have many years of experience in the profession, Eisenhower Health Clinics offers challenging opportunities to advance your career. Practice the way you’ve always wanted in primary care and specialty settings where innovation and leading-edge technology are the norm and collaboration, dignity, respect and integrity form the culture.

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At Eisenhower Health Clinics, we’re known for superior patient care. Yet we couldn’t achieve the performance excellence we value so highly without an exceptional team of professionals to support us. We believe every role in our clinics is crucial to our operational effectiveness. We also believe every employee has the chance to make an impact on the lives of our patients and their families.

Our core values of integrity, respect, honesty and professionalism extend to specialized careers in our clinics as much as they do to any other profession. Whether your expertise lies in human resources, finance, quality assurance or a number of other professions, you’ll have opportunities to advance your career in a relaxed, supportive, collaborative environment that values your contributions and recognizes your accomplishments.

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It takes the right team with the right tools to effectively run an excellence-minded organization like ours.

Technical positions at Eisenhower Health Clinics, from clinical technicians to IT professionals, ensure our peak performance and our ability to provide our patients the best possible health care experience. You’ll work with cutting-edge tech in a caring and collaborative environment that’s dedicated to your professional development and career advancement.

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Collaboration is the hallmark of successful rehabilitation practice at Eisenhower Health Clinics. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists work hand-in-hand with multidisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses, social workers and others to deliver individualized, top-notch patient care. We put teamwork to work and achieve results.

Our second-to-none outpatient rehab services offer the challenges you seek in an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity and integrity. While our environment is laid back, the work is hard — for you and your patients. We’ll support your efforts with state-of-the-art technology and a culture that recognizes and rewards your contributions to our performance excellence.

Just as you work to achieve the highest level of function for your patients, we’ll work to help you realize your career goals. Our strong commitment to your professional development includes continuing education and other skills-enhancing opportunities.

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